Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are the kinds of design services you provide?
We provide design services for web as well as print media. We undertake market research and branding of products or services too.

How much time is required to have a web site designed?
The time required basically depends on the size of your website, the nature of your site design, and of course our current workload the design team has.

What types of sites do you design?
We design websites for all types and kinds of businesses in for various industries. Our expertise and experience range from small to medium scale to a large-scale enterprise edition portal and ecommerce.

Why should I hire your company?
There will always be someone who designs websites cheaper than us. We respect your right to undertake your web project with another service-provider should you find our quote unacceptable for your budget. We only employ individuals whom we consider to be among the best in their field. TMI’s software development team has the expertise and experience in web technology & solutions for more than a decade. By having your web presence you are opening the door to the world and it has to be a pleasing experience in terms of professional presentation and site security for the end user.

Can I ask you to design my website and use my own web hosting?
Yes of course you can. Once your website has been designed you need to provide us with your web hosting ftp login username and password so that we can upload your website for you.

Do you provide ongoing site maintenance after having finished the web design project?
Yes we do provide ongoing site maintenance and upgrades to keep your site looking fresh and updated. We usually work this by way of a fee paid monthly or an annual fee. By signing an annual maintenance contract you pay the agreed one time rate depending on the kind of work involved and enjoy our services.

How many pages can I have on my website?
You can have as many pages as you like depending on the content you have. After studying your requirement we will advise on the optimum number of pages during the consultation. Remember it is always the Quality of content and not quantity that matters.

Who owns the website design once completed?
Trans Media International WLL relinquish all copyrights on visual material produced for your online project for all the company’s except for those organization whose websites are sponsored by us. Under this agreement you are granted exclusive global rights to use visual material produced by us for the purposes of your online needs outlined in any agreements between both parties. We prefer you not to supply this content for third parties to use. Please see our terms of service for more information on this subject.

Do you redesign existing websites?
We do design websites that has already become outdated or not in line with the advance of Internet-based technologies. We redesign not only to make it look fresh and lively but user friendly too.

What do I do if I do not like the designs you submit for my new website?
With our extensive experience in this field, we will provide you with designs that are in line with your expectations. However if you are particular about certain way your website should look – please feel free to discuss the same during our consultations and we will ensure that you are satisfied with our designs.

Can I make design changes after I have approved the design and it is in production?
Yes you can make changes to the website design mid way at any stage throughout production, but that being additional work - it would attract an additional charge on hourly basis depending on the kind of changes you require. Hence we advise you to give us the final content related to the original design in the very first instance. If such a situation arises you will be duly notified and be required to agree in writing to any costs you may incur before we implement your changes.